Glass Burglar Protection Project

February 16, 2019

TECFIRE’s latest acquired project is the fabrication and supply of burglar resistance glass system for Mirabaud Bank in the United Arab Emirates.

Tecguard RC2 is a glass system, comprised of steel and glass, the made for protection against burglary, break-in, and any form of physical intrusion to property. Buildings such as the Mirabaud Bank is susceptible to breaking and entering that is why it is important to plan the construction of the building with protection against burglary in mind. TECFIRE, being experts in Glass Protection Systems, can protect against this type of case wherein the product offers reliable resistance to physical attack towards the property. Tecguard RC Glass Burglar Resistant System is tested and certified as per European standard with RC2 classification – protection against physical violence intrusion attempts, vandalism, kick and jump against the element, personal loads attack, pull out, and in case of closed buildings; the use of different tools such as screw drivers, pliers and wedges. Also, the glass used for this system is fire-rated, for overall safety.