More transparency than ever before.

June 13, 2017

Meet the New Generation of Frameless fire rated glass partitions. New SteelFire Series: Tecfire has developed and certified a new full range of frameless fire resistant safety glass systems. With Fire Class EI 30 -120 (integrity and temperature insulation) according to both, EN & NFPA (Hose Stream Test passed) Standards, SteelFire is a product aimed at the realization of frameless fire protection glass solutions for internal applications.

By means of sophisticated glazing methods new possibilities take shape with ‘flush glazing’. This product combines an aesthetically appealing and minimalistic appearance with the highest standards of performance.

Performance Buttjoint is a fire resistant glass which consists of two or more sheets of toughened safety glass. The cavity between the sheets of glass is filled with a transparent intumescent gel interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire. The protective interlayer is based on nanotechnology and is UV stable. It also offers high light transmission. In addition to its fire protection properties Buttjoint also meets the demands of use of ‘break safe materials’ and offers optimum safety in escape routes and busy areas. The opaque insulating interlayer blocks the view of the fire, which minimizes panic and acts as a guide for emergency services to indicate the presence of fire.


• Whole glass partitions with fire protection properties.
• No Vertical frame profiles.
• Maximum Glass Surface tested: infinite lengths/width and 3 m height.
• Optically continuous unbroken expanses of glass.
• Can be combined with design and other functional glasses.
• Range from EI30 to EI120.
• Changes in plane allowed from 90B to 180B without the use of framing.