New Project in Oman

January 8, 2020
New Project in Oman

Tecfire recently acquired another project in Oman.

The new project is at the Ideal Med Muscat Hospital. Tecfire will be providing it’s SteelFire Fire-rated S50/70 Glass System which is tested and certified as per European Standard.

S50/70 is a range of non-thermal broken fire-rated glass systems with galvanized or stainless steel frames. The minimized profile guarantees great aesthetic results. These systems are tested and certified to comply with E and EW classifications from 30 up to 240 minutes of fire resistance.

The project is in collaboration with Khalil Projects Development Intl,  a specialized fabricator, designer, and manufacturer of all kinds of Aluminium, PVC, & Glass Joinery Products located at Barka, Muscat, and in Sultanate of Oman.