Project Completion: Barcelona Restaurant

January 31, 2020
Project Completion: Barcelona Restaurant

Tecfire completed a project in Barcelona, Spain. The scope of work is design, manufacture, and installation of a Fire-rated Walkable Skylight System.

The restaurant is one of the newest attractions in Barcelona and is in a two-story building. Tecfire Steel Walkable Skylight is one of the features of the restaurant as part of its aesthetic design to showcase interior work. With the glass floor design, the below area can be seen and vice-versa. The STB80 Walkable Skylight System is fire-rated, a must for a busy place to ensure that the safety of the customers, staff, and equipment of the business is protected.

SteelFire STB80 REI120 Fire-rated Walkable Skylight System is tested and certified according to EN-1365-2 for REI fire classification (Integrity, Insulation & mechanical resistance) for 120 minutes. The profile makes up of the system is composed of galvanized structural tubes, steel pressure plates, and aluminum cover cap. The fire-rated infill material is included to act as insulation for the system. The load-bearing glass ensures stability and non-breakage in the event of a fire.

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