Emblematic Architectural Project Awarded: XV Century Palace in Barcelona

October 15, 2021

Casa Padellás was a private palace in the late Gothic style that was built between the end of the 15th century and the first decades of the 16th. With Renaissance elements in the ornamentation of doors and windows, which stood at 25 Mercaders street in Barcelona. Due to the opening of the Via Layetana, which endangered its conservation, in 1931 it was dismantled, moved and rebuilt in the Plaza del Rey, in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Since 1943 it is the headquarters of the Museum of History of Barcelona.

It is considered a BCIN protected building with grade B: B.2

Tecfire has been the winner of this emblematic architectural restoration project due to the experience of executing this type of unique projects, and for having the most specialized product range to face this type of works with the maximum guarantees.

Tecfire will supply and install some of its most innovative fire rated glass systems with various fire resistances. All this with the quality guarantee and certification of Tecfire.